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Inspiration in Unlikely Places

We will leave no stone unturned in seeking inspirational words for those who operate in today’s challenging commercial world.

This week, they come from perhaps an unlikely source: the new coach of the England Rugby League team. Yes, that’s right, not from Rugby Union, which gets all the headlines and column inches (first about leadership failure in the 2016 World Cup and now about new dreams from…

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When Giving is Really Taking

This is the season for giving and we have been reading recently how generous the founder of Facebook is being in saying that he and his wife will be giving away most of their fortune to charitable causes.

Excuse me! Are we meant to applaud the founder of a company that pays virtually nothing in tax – a mere £2.5m in Irish Corporation tax last year despite channelling half of its annual turnover o…

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HR - the frontline?

The images of Air France HR bosses being manhandled by workers and having their clothes shredded in the process were quite something.

As Sathnam Sanghera pointed out in his customarily astute way in The Times (9th October 2015), HR is too frequently left to do management’s dirty work and made a scapegoat.

He went on to quote from Claire Warren’s article in Work, the quarterly trade magazine …

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Leadership v Followership

There is a growing belief that management training has concentrated too much on ‘leadership’ skills and this preoccupation has ‘led to too many offices with people who think they are in charge while fewer and fewer actually do the work’, (The Times, on 1 October 2015).

The argument runs on that ‘Followership is something companies should think about’.

The article also quoted Ira Chaleff, the A…

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A Business Go-Between?

The Go-Between was revived recently on television. The famous line, now a quotable quote, which starts it off is, ‘The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.’

I think the same could be said of business. Why is this so?

It starts at school, where there is still precious little, if any in most cases, training for an adult life at work. Added to the deficiency in educating our…

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“The course was very well facilitated, interactive and above all, Mr Arun Singh is a great mentor. A great learning experience. A lot of doubts in technical skills were sorted out. Enjoy and gained a lot of knowledge to treasure. ”

Jennifer Vales, Drydocks World Dubai on Drafting International Commercial Agreements in English

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