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Held to Account

It is a pity that shareholders meetings can’t be a bit more like a session of the Public Accounts Committee chaired by Margaret Hodge.

The latest one – where Rona Fairhead, a non-executive director at HSBC and Head of the BBC Trust was given a right royal roasting – is the sort of thing I have in mind.

Concluding about Ms Fairhead after her performance before the Committee, Ms Hodge said , “you…

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To the Power of Three

It has long been understood, that grouping three concepts, words, or phrases (as I have just done!) is the ideal way to make, explain or emphasize a point when communicating with other people.The Romans knew this and a BC example of this is, of course Caesar’s “I came, I saw, I conquered”. An AD example might be ‘The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost’, or, in a different way, ‘wine, women and so…

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Autumn Statement

It is interesting to speculate how much better the country would be if only we ran it rather than the politicians!
One thing that this government is facing is how best to present us with the sobering facts of our economic predicament whilst giving us confidence in how it is being dealt with.

Quite often with politics and confidence, it is not so much about facts, but about perception. The govern…

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Barry Tomalin - Q&A Session

Interview with Barry Tomalin, author of World Business Cultures – A Handbook

Part One

Recently I was fortunate enough to “pick the brain” of the wonderful author, trainer, public speaker and global business consultant Barry Tomalin. Barry has authored several useful books and guides, including the groundbreaking The World’s Business Cultures: How to Unlock Them, which is now in its 3rd e…

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Emails – the worm is turning

In August, Daimler, that august Stuttgart-based car-maker, revealed that 100,000 of its employees can now opt to have their emails automatically deleted when they are on holiday, with senders being notified that their message will not be received and given the name of an another person to contact.

(As an aside, imagine if the sender’s firm had the same policy – emails could ping backwards and for…

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“'… it is clear that her facilitation and coaching skills are excellent. Jocelyn has a breadth and depth of experience that clearly shines through ... The fact that Jocelyn can draw on her past experiences really brings the learning to life, this enhances the experience for her participants. In particular, Jocelyn has a strong commercial and strategic focus that encourages participants to see the difference that HR can make within an organisation. I have personally learnt a lot from Jocelyn, and would have no hesitation in recommending her'”

Lisa Quirke, KCOM Group on The Core Skills of an Effective HR Officer

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