Commercial law

Business and Contract Law

This briefing will enable you to recognise and deal confidently with the risks and benefits of commercial contracts.

Buying Professional Services

This Report provides essential tips and guidance when choosing and using lawyers and other professional advisers and helps ensure you better understand the process and what exactly you are buying

Commercial Contracts: legal principles and drafting techniques

This briefing takes into account relevant legislation and case law. For all points of the law and critical distinctions, you will find crystal-clear explanations and guidelines, and a host of case studies illustrating the law and its application.

Commercial Litigation: The consequences of breach of contract

This valuable report has been completely updated since it first appeared in 2002: it includes accounts of all the most recent important cases and highlights significant changes in the way that the courts now assess damages.

Company Articles and Company Constitution

Understand your Company articles and Company constitution. This Report is written in an easy-to-understand style and provides an in-depth appreciation of such things as all the model articles, the default provision, the resolutions that may be part of the constitution…

Competition Law Compliance: 2008

This Special Briefing describes UK competition law referring, where relevant, to EU competition law, to Articles 81 and 82 of the Treaty of Rome. It aims above all to be practical and concentrates on what is allowed and what is not, what is advised to ensure compliance and how to make complaints under the Chapter I and Chapter II prohibitions in the Competition Act 1998.

Data Protection Law for Employers: 2008

This briefing seeks to summarise the application of the Act to the employment discipline. It concentrates on the areas, which are useful and practical to employers by examining the Information Commissioner’s Office code of practice. It answers many of the mundane, day-to-day data protections issues that employers and those who are responsible for personal data need to know.

Freedom of Information Act: 2008

The Freedom of Information Act gives companies and individuals important powers to request information from public bodies. Are you equipped to take advantage and to protect yourself?

IT Contracts: Effective negotiating and drafting

This report provides advice and guidance in explaining and understanding the structure and content of different kinds of IT contracts, for reviewing, negotiating and drafting purposes

Managing In-house Legal Services

This report captures the vital elements of effective legal department management and provides a guide to the busy in-house practitioner, who needs to balance caseload with the pressures of managing a department.

Retention of Title

This Briefing seeks to scotch that popular myth and ensure you, the reader, are put in a position where you can recover goods in such a situation by judicious use of a well drafted “retention of title clause” and ensuring your terms and conditions apply and form part of the contract between the parties.

Software Contract Agreements

Fully up-to-date with all changes to the law, this report is a thorough explanation of the law combined with expert guidance on negotiating and drafting the best contract for your client.

Websites and the Law 3rd edition

Is your company/client website legal? Do you know what information you are required by law to put on it? What if your domain name is too close to someone else’s? What if someone is diverting people from your website to theirs? What are the laws on copying material from websites? What can you do with people’s personal data sent to your website? This report deals with all the practical legal issues which arise with websites – both those sites which sell goods or services and those which advertise.

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