Tim Boyce

Books by this author:

Project Risk Management - The Commercial Dimension

This report will show you how to fully appreciate all the commercial dimensions of important projects and understand how to identify all the risks during the pre-contract bidding phase.

The Commercial Engineer's Desktop Guide

The history of business is littered with great design and engineering ideas which failed to become successful through a lack of commercial expertise. Here is a book that shows you how to combine successful design and innovation with effective business skills and acumen.

“Tim Boyce has the highest command of the commercial domain.”
John Craen, previously MD, ITT Defence

The Commercial Manager

‘Commercial management’ covers a huge range of different, crucial functions including contract negotiation, procurement, finance, risk and project management – but until now the subject has rarely, if ever, been treated as a single ‘discipline’. This book fills an important gap with expert, practical advice.
“His experience in the cut and thrust of business has given him great understanding and balance.” John Craen, previously MD, ITT Defence