Mark Prebble

During his 21 years as an employed in-house lawyer, Mark worked for ICI and The BOC Group plc in the UK, and Biogen and SGS in Switzerland. He held the positions of General Counsel at SGS and Group Legal Adviser at The BOC Group plc. In 1998 he set up Lawyers in Business, an organisation dedicated to developing, coaching and supporting in-house lawyers and promoting more effective use of legal services by businesses.

Lawyers in Business, which was established in 1998, provides practical and valuable help and support, based on first-hand experience, to enable lawyers to contribute to the success of their organisations. Services include interim management and project work as well as:


  • Managing legal risk effectively
  • Mobilising external advisers to best effect
  • Structuring legal services – strategy and organisation
  • Raising legal awareness within the organisation

Books by this author:

Managing In-house Legal Services

This report captures the vital elements of effective legal department management and provides a guide to the busy in-house practitioner, who needs to balance caseload with the pressures of managing a department.