Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas is an international business consultant specialising in organisation development and human resource management. Prior to becoming a Partner with Performance Dynamics he worked for several years with Price Waterhouse Management Consultants where he advised on the organisational issues arising out of strategic change. His experience has included major organisational changes including mergers and acquisitions, restructuring initiatives and privatisations. He currently manages a wide range of consultancy projects and assignments from business planning facilitation to organisation and process reviews.

Books by this author:

Gurus on Leadership

A one-stop guide to the world’s key writers on leadership, their thoughts and contributions. It includes an update of the recent themes and issues that dominate the leadership agenda, a listing of the main gurus from Adair to Sun Tzu, a quick guide to some of the world’s current and recent business leaders and a compendium of leadership checklists for developing skills and competencies.

High Performance Consulting Skills

This key text provides a practical understanding of the skills required to become a high-performance internal consultant, whatever your own area of expertise.

Mastering People Management

How to build and develop a successful team by motivating, empowering and leading people. Based on in-depth experience of developing people and initiating change within many organisations, Mark Thomas provides a shrewd, practical guide to mastering the essential techniques of people management.

Mergers and Acquisitions - Confronting the Organisation and People Issues

This Report will help you understand the key practical and legal issues, achieve consensus and involvement at all levels, understand and implement TUPE regulations and identify the documentation that needs to be drafted or reviewed within the context of a merger, acquisition or disposal.