Odd Words, Even Numbers

This book is designed to appeal to those who might deny having any interest or expertise in handling or playing with numbers. Indeed, the book requires little mathematical ability of its readers to enable them to derive fun and enjoyment from its pages particularly if their interest is more inclined towards words and language.

Robert Lindsay - Letting Go

The inside story of one of Britain’s best loved, best known actors, which reveals in his own words, for the first time, exactly what makes him tick.

A Long Way For a Pizza

Brian Mooney’s colourful, crisply written account of walking from Essex to Rome.

A Taste of Wartime Britain

A vivid and evocative collection of eyewitness accounts, diaries, reportage and scraps of memory from men, women and children who lived through the dark days of World War II.

Betty's Wartime Diary

A time which seems familiar to us today through film, but which was really another age, springs to life in the pages of Betty’s Diary; funny, touching and unaffectedly vivid.

In War and Peace

In May 1940 an aircraft crashed near the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force quarters at Detling in Kent. Corporal Daphne Pearson rushed out and, though she knew there were bombs on board, roused the pilot and helped him to get clear. When they were thirty yards clear the bomb went off and she threw herself over the pilot to protect him from the blast. This is Daphne’s story.

Speak the Culture: Poland

The latest book in the acclaimed Speak the Culture series explores and reveals each aspect of Polish life and culture.

The Wrong Way for a Pizza

Follow Brian Mooney’s journey in reverse as the author travels from Rome to Essex in this follow-up from his much acclaimed book ‘A Long Way for a Pizza.’

Timpson's Norfolk Notebook

A wonderful collection of broadcaster John Timpson’s writings about Norfolk, its ancient and subtle landscape, legends and traditions.

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