Channel of Invasion

Part two in the brilliant Tremayne Tresco trilogy – a fictional account of one of Second World War’s best kept secrets (1943 -1944)

Channel to Freedom

Channel to Freedom, is the third part of the fictional trilogy, describing the role and operations of a naval Special Forces unit, based on Tresco, in the Isles of Scilly. It describes the part played in World War 2, by this ultra-secret unit, from D-Day until the end of the war in Europe. So secret was the real-life flotilla, that news of it was not released, under the Official Secrets Act, until 1995.Author

Once More With Feeling

Clever and attractive Becca finds herself in a successful career but no relationship and the biological clock ticking. Her very modern way of designing her future has unexpected results.

Poison Farm

Investigative journalist David Williams unravels the 60-year-old mystery of who murdered wealthy Suffolk businessman and notorious womaniser William Murfitt. In this true crime story, we find out who poisoned Murfitt and why, and why the file that finally gave up its secret was kept under lock and key by the authorities at the time.

‘One of the most amazing murder mysteries ever… enough ingredients to match any Agatha Christie bestseller.
Daily Mail

‘A classic whodunnit… wealth, sex, scandal and murder in a quiet leafy village.’
Eastern Daily Press

The Sawman

An intriguing modern-day thriller that delves deep into the under-belly of crime and the psychotic criminal mind. The plot rattles along at a tremendous pace while compelling the reader to participate in resolving the moral dilemma and the appropriate punishment for unspeakable crimes.

“An impressive debut. A psychological thriller that has an authentic ring to it… deals with a serious subject in a way that keeps us turning the pages and builds up to a gripping climax.”

Robin Lloyd-Jones, author of the prize-winning novel ‘Lord of the Dance’.

The Secret Channel

This thrilling fictional account is based on true events. Mike Williams, a surviving member of the SBO, has created characters that live on the page and brilliantly evoke the dangerous waters and desperate times in which the men and women lived – and sometimes lost- their lives.

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