Robert Lindsay - Letting Go

The inside story of one of Britain’s best loved, best known actors, which reveals in his own words, for the first time, exactly what makes him tick.

A Long Way For a Pizza

Brian Mooney’s colourful, crisply written account of walking from Essex to Rome.

A Taste of Wartime Britain

A vivid and evocative collection of eyewitness accounts, diaries, reportage and scraps of memory from men, women and children who lived through the dark days of World War II.

Betty's Wartime Diary

A time which seems familiar to us today through film, but which was really another age, springs to life in the pages of Betty’s Diary; funny, touching and unaffectedly vivid.

Channel of Invasion

Part two in the brilliant Tremayne Tresco trilogy – a fictional account of one of Second World War’s best kept secrets (1943 -1944)

In War and Peace

In May 1940 an aircraft crashed near the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force quarters at Detling in Kent. Corporal Daphne Pearson rushed out and, though she knew there were bombs on board, roused the pilot and helped him to get clear. When they were thirty yards clear the bomb went off and she threw herself over the pilot to protect him from the blast. This is Daphne’s story.

Jellied Eels and Zeppelins

Ethel May Elvin, born when Edward VII was King in 1906, is one of the few remaining authentic voices of Edwardian working-class life. She tells Sue Taylor about her father’s account of standing sentry at Queen Victoria’s funeral, the privations and small pleasures of a working-class Edwardian childhood, growing up through the First World War and surviving the Second.

Poison Farm

Investigative journalist David Williams unravels the 60-year-old mystery of who murdered wealthy Suffolk businessman and notorious womaniser William Murfitt. In this true crime story, we find out who poisoned Murfitt and why, and why the file that finally gave up its secret was kept under lock and key by the authorities at the time.

‘One of the most amazing murder mysteries ever… enough ingredients to match any Agatha Christie bestseller.
Daily Mail

‘A classic whodunnit… wealth, sex, scandal and murder in a quiet leafy village.’
Eastern Daily Press

Speak the Culture: Poland

The latest book in the acclaimed Speak the Culture series explores and reveals each aspect of Polish life and culture.

The Secret Channel

This thrilling fictional account is based on true events. Mike Williams, a surviving member of the SBO, has created characters that live on the page and brilliantly evoke the dangerous waters and desperate times in which the men and women lived – and sometimes lost- their lives.

The Wrong Way for a Pizza

Follow Brian Mooney’s journey in reverse as the author travels from Rome to Essex in this follow-up from his much acclaimed book ‘A Long Way for a Pizza.’

Timpson's Norfolk Notebook

A wonderful collection of broadcaster John Timpson’s writings about Norfolk, its ancient and subtle landscape, legends and traditions.

Very Private and Public Relations

In this searingly honest autobiography, Jim Dunn takes us on a rollicking ride from poor boy growing up gay in a small town on the west coast of Scotland to the five-star lifestyle of a PR guru in the fledgling travel industry of the early seventies in London.

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