The People Management Clinic

Martin Richardson


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Edition 1, Paperback , 240 pages
ISBN (10): 1 85418 391 5; (13): 978 185418391 0
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This pragmatic, comprehensive book is a complete guide to people management, helping managers along the most difficult of paths: leading, motivating and running a team of people.

This is an ideal book for managers who need quick but expert guidance on the people management problems they face on a daily basis. Making the transition to managing a team is daunting in itself but the problems don’t stop there, managing other people poses challenges at all levels.

This book takes the form of a clinic, where a people manager asks an experienced management consultant how particular issues and problems should be approached. This unique question and answer format offers managers advice that is accessible, practical and based on the author’s many years’ management consulting experience, and can be read from cover to cover or dipped into as and when necessary.


  • Becoming a manager
  • Management, supervision and leadership
  • Understanding your people
  • Building the team
  • Developing a management style
  • Improving personal organisation
  • Setting and implementing objectives
  • Delegation
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Motivating the team
  • Communicating to influence
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Performance management and people development
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Change management

The author

Martin Richardson has undertaken a variety of management, consulting and training projects over the last ten years and is an experienced consultant, specialising in training and development.

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