The Inside Track to Successful Management

Gerry Kushel


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Edition 1, Hardback , 320 pages
ISBN (10): 1 85418 145 9; (13): 978 185418145 9
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Best-selling author Dr Gerald Kushel demonstrates the importance of personal power in relation to professional power and shows how one can be converted into the other.

Achieving personal power is in essence the ability to manage oneself. The reader is shown how to manage one’s image, improve professional assertiveness, manage time, reduce stress and manage others more effectively. The Inside Track to Successful Management shows the way to effective thinking, which will lead to improved job performance, job satisfaction and personal life satisfaction.


Part One: How to successfully manage yourself

  • The meaning of ‘full’ and ‘satisfying’
  • Making the commitment
  • Understanding your thought processes
  • Building your own effective thought file
  • Uncomplicated, but effective, thoughts
  • Managing your effective thought files
  • Proactive thought choosing (plan A)
  • Pausing to win
  • Subconscious strategies (plan B)
  • Accessing your hidden identity
  • Managing your emotions
  • Successful self-management: a summary

Part Two: How to successfully manage others

  • Analysing your effect on others
  • Being assertive, effectively
  • Risking, effectively
  • Negotiating, effectively
  • Presenting, effectively
  • A final word on influencing others, effectively


  • Sustain your success


The author

Dr Gerald Kushel is an international management trainer and consultant. He is Emeritus Professor of Counselling and Human Development at Long Island University, New York, and is the author of six books that have been best-sellers in the USA. He is a regular speaker at many training seminars, and he appears frequently on the television and lecture circuit.

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