Navigating the Rivers of Cash

Kevin Uphill


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Edition 1, Paperback
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Navigating the Rivers of Cash is a practical business book in which the author seeks to inspire ambitious business leaders and entrepreneurs to create and build exceptional businesses with a sustainable purpose in society, whilst also, as leaders, becoming more insightful, strategic, creative, calmer and purposeful. The book takes a mentoring, rather than consulting, approach.

The author shares simple ideas and questions with the aim of helping the reader to draw their own conclusions that are unique to their individual personality, environment and objectives in such a way as to enable them to take their business to the next level.


Navigating by design

  • Leadership not management
  • Navigating further ahead

Purposeful leadership in the river

  • istening to the river
  • The quest – creating and sustaining new habits
  • Serving not commanding
  • The habit of calmness over certainty
  • What you enjoy will be working, what you don’t may not.
  • Future contemplation
  • Personal sustainability
  • Investments in relationships and respect


  • Creating and understanding flow
  • Personal discipline and motivation
  • Mentors, skills, knowledge and education


  • The future
  • Goals
  • Competitive advantage

Natural selection

  • Complexity
  • Performance dashboard
  • Key performance reports
  • Standards, processes and goals
  • Sharing selection
  • Selection workshops and facilitation

Creating adventurer teams and change

Creating and realising value

  • Creating value
  • Valuation
  • Timing

Mapping the way

  • Sharing maps
  • Looking ahead with clear actions
  • Team contributions


  • Self-management
  • Objectivity
  • Acceptance
  • Seeking a positive outlook

Journey or destination

  • Summary

The author

Kevin Uphill has enjoyed a long and successful career as an entrepreneur, strategist and mergers and acquisitions advisor. Having successfully owned and sold several companies, he has in­depth business expertise. He is currently founder and Chairman of Avondale Group (, a leading M&A boutique firm founded in 1991.

In addition, Kevin is a respected speaker and leader on business strategy and mergers and acquisitions. He enjoys helping individuals and organisations realise their aspirations by sharing his knowledge and experience via mentoring, speaking and writing. He is also the author of ‘Buying and Selling a Business for Wealth’ (Thorogood).