Me Time: Lifecoach yourself to success

Barrie Pearson, Neil Thomas

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Edition 1, eBook , 97 pages
ISBN (10): ; (13): 9781854188618


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Edition 1, Paperback , 200 pages
ISBN (10): 1 85418 607 8; (13): 978 1854186072
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More in: People skills and leadership
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Most coaching books are written – unsurprisingly – by coaches. This book has been written by two highly successful entrepreneurs who’ve actually followed and tested the advice they preach with very positive results.

We all spend most of our waking hours working for other people and even if we’re self-employed we spend too little time thinking strategically and planning our own futures.

The authors show you how to put yourself first for a change, how to properly understand your strengths and weaknesses and how to build a blue-print for success in life that can become a reality.


Part One: Me First

  • Take stock of your assets – a personal health-check
  • Take control of your life – set your own goals
  • Manage your own finances and create personal wealth
  • Me-skills

Part Two: Me at work and Me plc

  • My brilliant career – up the organization
  • Starting your own business

Part Three: Knowing me, knowing you

  • Hell is other people
  • Manage your health
  • Get your family and friends relationships right

The authors

Barrie Pearson is a truly inspirational individual whose start in life couldn’t have been tougher: born with cerebral palsy and hemiplegia, he went on to win a scholarship to Grammar School. After experience with various companies he founded a corporate finance boutique, Livingstone Guarantee plc in 1976, the first independent corporate finance house in the UK, which he sold he sold for a very substantial sum in 2001. He founded a new company, Realization, dedicated to world-class mentoring and coach-ing for entrepreneurs.

Neil Thomas set up Hawksmere, a successful training company, which he built to be a market leader and which he subsequently sold to a large corporation. He is now building up another training company and is well on the road to success.

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