Human resource management, training and coaching

Everything You Need for an NVQ in Management

Paperback edition.

This unique book is the definitive resource for anyone working towards, or considering, any level of NVQ or SVQ in Management, Operational Management or Strategic Management.

“Invaluable… provides everything you need.”
Tom Cannon, Management Charter Initiative

Executive Coaching

“This is an important, timely and very practical book on a topic of increasing interest to many people in business. McAdam is both a good writer and an original thinker. He has written not a skills book but one which looks at the whole process of coaching in an organisation to see how it ‘fits in’ with all aspects of training and development. The book asks all the relevant questions and provides sound, sensible advice succinctly.”
Prof Adrian Furnham, Dept of Psychology, University College London

High Performance Consulting Skills

This key text provides a practical understanding of the skills required to become a high-performance internal consultant, whatever your own area of expertise.

Niche Marketing For Coaches

Transform yourself from being just another coach into someone who stands out to your clients as the natural and only choice.

PUNCH above your WEIGHT!

Punch above your weight!addresses the important idea that in reality each one of us can be thought of as a business. This inspirational book gives you a route-map to success

Seven Steps of Effective Executive Coaching

Based on the authors’ extensive research, the book builds on the GROW coaching model and introduces a new model which involves 5 core capabilities and a 7-step process – The Achieve Coaching model.

The A-Z of Employment Practice 11th edition

This book comes at a time when managers are faced with still more new legislation, obligations and potential penalties. It explains what the law is and then what to do, providing expert advice on every aspect of employment practice from recruitment, pay and incentives to maternity/paternity leave, personnel records, contracts and holidays.

The Thorogood Guide to Everything you Need for an NVQ in Management

Ring-bound edition.

All the relevant management techniques and principles are explained in a clear, practical style, structured around the recently revised National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership, and conforming to the requirements of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

The Training Manager's Desktop Guide

This book is designed for the manager who recognises the need both for a coherent training strategy and for training itself that is professionally planned and organised. Whether you are a full-time training manager, or line manager with responsibility for implementing training, this book will act as a constant source of guidance and helpful advice.

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