Health & safety and facilities management

Fire Risk

Fire safety regulations have undergone their most significant change for over 30 years and company owners, employers, landlords and builders all face a seismic shift in liabilities and potential penalties. This invaluable book draws on over three decades of professional fire fighting, rescue and safety enforcement to provide jargon-free, practical guidance on current liabilities and compliance.

Managing Climate Risk

Climate change poses a serious threat to the continuity and prosperity of organizations: serious disruption in
business activities and a permanent cut in output.

This important book explains how organizations can:
• Reduce their exposure to direct threats
• Improve their efficiency
• Learn how to gain from shifts in the way their markets operate

The A-Z of Health and Safety

Health and safety law and practice has changed considerably in recent years and all organisations must be fully up to speed with best practice. In accessible A-Z format, this book is a major new reference work by an acknowledged expert in an area of crucial importance to every organisation, large and small, private and public.

The A-Z of Facilities and Property Management

Now in it’s third edition this reference work, in an easy-to-use A-Z format, covers all aspects of facilities and property management, strategy, administration and control, backed up by a wealth of practical suggestions. Covers all the latest legislation on waste, energy consumption and environmental issues and offers valuable insights into the management of property assets.

The A-Z of Food Safety

A detailed and comprehensive guide to the legal and practical risks associated with food safety, including all the latest developments in UK and European legislation – in accessible A-Z format. A timely and valuable source of reference and guidance in an increasingly litigious society for everyone working in environmental health, food production and sales and catering.

The A-Z of the Environment

A major new reference work in A-Z format covering the scientific, economic and legal issues facing all types of organisation

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