Everything You Need for an NVQ in Management

Paperback edition.

This unique book is the definitive resource for anyone working towards, or considering, any level of NVQ or SVQ in Management, Operational Management or Strategic Management.

“Invaluable… provides everything you need.”
Tom Cannon, Management Charter Initiative

Executive Coaching

“This is an important, timely and very practical book on a topic of increasing interest to many people in business. McAdam is both a good writer and an original thinker. He has written not a skills book but one which looks at the whole process of coaching in an organisation to see how it ‘fits in’ with all aspects of training and development. The book asks all the relevant questions and provides sound, sensible advice succinctly.”
Prof Adrian Furnham, Dept of Psychology, University College London

Gurus on Business Strategy

A one-stop guide to the world’s most important thinkers and writers on business strategy. It expertly summarises all the key strategic concepts and analyses the pro’s and con’s of many of the key theories in practice.

Gurus on Leadership

A one-stop guide to the world’s key writers on leadership, their thoughts and contributions. It includes an update of the recent themes and issues that dominate the leadership agenda, a listing of the main gurus from Adair to Sun Tzu, a quick guide to some of the world’s current and recent business leaders and a compendium of leadership checklists for developing skills and competencies.

Gurus on Marketing

A one-stop guide to the world’s most influential writers on marketing, their key concepts, theories and frameworks. Includes Drucker, Levitt on marketing myopia, Kotler on marketing management, Porter on competitive strategy, Day, Nagle, Ansoff, Seth and Peters.

Gurus On People Management

Managers have to manage people. It is the most difficult and yet the most rewarding function. This is a one-stop guide to the world’s most important writers on managing people, summarising all the key concepts and the contribution of each.

High Performance Consulting Skills

This key text provides a practical understanding of the skills required to become a high-performance internal consultant, whatever your own area of expertise.

Inspiring Leadership - Learning from Great Leaders

Who are the great leaders in history and what have they got to teach us today about the nature and practice of leadership? A wide range of inspiring leaders, from Lao Tzu and Machiavelli, to Thatcher and Mandela.

‘How rare it is to come upon a book about leaders with depth, conceptual bite and historical context.’

Warren Bennis, major US management guru and writer

Managing People for the First Time

Absolutely everybody in all types of organisation – business, professional, governmental, academic – has to make the critical leap to managing people for the first time. There are countless books on managing people but very little written from the perspective of the novice, someone faced with the daunting task of changing from following instructions to giving them.

Mastering Leadership

Without a grasp of what true leadership implies you cannot hope to develop a really effective team. With telling insight, Michael Williams shows what distinguishes truly high-achieving teams from the rest of the pack.

Mastering People Management

How to build and develop a successful team by motivating, empowering and leading people. Based on in-depth experience of developing people and initiating change within many organisations, Mark Thomas provides a shrewd, practical guide to mastering the essential techniques of people management.

Mastering Personal and Interpersonal Skills

A master-class in how to achieve your full potential which takes a practical approach to managing change, personal development, achievement and fulfilment.

Me Time: Lifecoach yourself to success

This book has been written by two highly successful entrepreneurs who’ve actually followed and tested the advice they preach with very positive results.

Niche Marketing For Coaches

Transform yourself from being just another coach into someone who stands out to your clients as the natural and only choice.

Out of the Box Marketing

This treasure trove of a book is crammed full of time-tested strategies and techniques to help you to get more customers, get more out of your customers and to keep them coming back for more.

Practical Pricing for Results

Provides entrepreneurs with a practical guide on how to set and manage the pricing of both products and services. It outlines the process of deriving a pricing strategy first, then monitoring the profit implications of the pricing decisions made. In a climate of market instability, the skilful use of pricing strategies has never been more important.

Sales Strategy for Business Growth

If you are an owner, a director or you manage a sales team, this book will help you learn more about how to manage the sales operation of your business. It will make it easier to get first-class out of your sales people which will increase your company’s sales and profitability!

Seven Steps of Effective Executive Coaching

Based on the authors’ extensive research, the book builds on the GROW coaching model and introduces a new model which involves 5 core capabilities and a 7-step process – The Achieve Coaching model.

Successful Career Management - A Guide for Organisations, Leaders and Individuals

A complete guide to Successful Career Management relevant for organisations, leaders and individuals.

The 2x2 Manager

This book aims to provide a simple but valuable framework the 2-by-2 matrix which can be used by any manager or executive in varied situations in business to resolve such issues and problems.

The Best of John Adair on Leadership and Management

This is a goldmine of ideas, advice and techniques from one of the world’s leading writers on management and leadership. It brings together all of John Adair’s thinking on leadership, teambuilding, creativity and innovation, problem-solving, motivation, communication and time-management.

The Commercial Manager

‘Commercial management’ covers a huge range of different, crucial functions including contract negotiation, procurement, finance, risk and project management – but until now the subject has rarely, if ever, been treated as a single ‘discipline’. This book fills an important gap with expert, practical advice.
“His experience in the cut and thrust of business has given him great understanding and balance.” John Craen, previously MD, ITT Defence

The Concise Adair on Communication and Presentation Skills

Encapsulates John Adair’s writing on the art and skills of effective communication. You will find it equally valuable whether you are beginning your career or looking for an expert refresher course.

The concise Adair on Creativity and Innovation

Encapsulates all of John Adair’s writing on how to recruit the right people for your organisation, team training, generation of ideas, communication and overcoming obstacles, the key characteristics of innovators and how to organise and use them to best effect.

The Concise Adair on Leadership

The Concise Adair on Leadership encapsulates his writing on how to develop your own leadership potential, to motivate your colleagues and to build a creative and high-performing team.

The Concise Adair on Teambuilding and Motivation

This book develops John Adair’s classic theory on Team, Task and individual, and summarises all his thoughts and writing on leaders and motivation and getting the best from people.

The Concise Time Management and Personal Development

Valuable ideas on how to establish clear long-term goals and link your daily action planning to their achievement. It provides you with the tools, techniques and framework needed for continuing personal development.

The Mobile Boardroom

The Mobile Boardroom looks at all the key elements required when setting up your own business, running it successfully and making it grow.

The Shorter MBA

This practical, pithy book presents all the essential theory, practice and techniques taught to MBA students and is ideal for the busy practising executive. The book is divided into three main parts: personal development, management skills and business development.

The Sixth Form MBA

Essential guidance and advice for students on the skills required to succeed within higher education and most importantly, the world of work.

The Training Manager's Desktop Guide

This book is designed for the manager who recognises the need both for a coherent training strategy and for training itself that is professionally planned and organised. Whether you are a full-time training manager, or line manager with responsibility for implementing training, this book will act as a constant source of guidance and helpful advice.

The World Business Cultures - A Handbook

This book provides a framework for understanding any culture in the world, offering strategies and tactics for getting people from different countries on your side, and detailing the knowledge you need to make the right impression and avoid giving offence.

Working for Yourself - running a business, starting a company or being self-employed

This book provides a complete guide to self-employment covering a range of issues when starting your own company or running a business. The author, Roger Mason, provides a essential advice and guidance on areas such as the creation of business plans, accounting and the development of your customer base.

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