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written by a recognised business professional and author.

They can be distributed to the whole management team, used alongside internal training programmes, or given out as business gifts to clients or with any sales promotions you may have.

It’s as simple as that. One price for 25 copies of a top title, in one box.

Everything You Need for an NVQ in Management

Paperback edition.

This unique book is the definitive resource for anyone working towards, or considering, any level of NVQ or SVQ in Management, Operational Management or Strategic Management.

“Invaluable… provides everything you need.”
Tom Cannon, Management Charter Initiative

Gurus On People Management

Managers have to manage people. It is the most difficult and yet the most rewarding function. This is a one-stop guide to the world’s most important writers on managing people, summarising all the key concepts and the contribution of each.

Leadership for Leaders

This challenging book is based on research carried out over seven years with over 2,500 senior managers in ten different companies, in USA and Europe. Michael Williams establishes and explains the 7 key competency clusters that matter most today.

Managing People for the First Time

Absolutely everybody in all types of organisation – business, professional, governmental, academic – has to make the critical leap to managing people for the first time. There are countless books on managing people but very little written from the perspective of the novice, someone faced with the daunting task of changing from following instructions to giving them.

The People Management Clinic

A complete guide to people management – helping managers along the most difficult of paths: leading, motivating and running a team of people.

This book takes the form of a clinic during which you can ask an experienced people management consultant how to approach any number of issues and problems that face you on a daily basis. A goldmine of tips, techniques and valuable advice, the guidance throughout is both insightful and pragmatic.

The World Business Cultures - A Handbook

This book provides a framework for understanding any culture in the world, offering strategies and tactics for getting people from different countries on your side, and detailing the knowledge you need to make the right impression and avoid giving offence.

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