Money for Nothing

The recent news that a company (Booktrack) is to release e-books with soundtrack enhancement has set me thinking about ways to improve our own e-book offering.

Apparently Booktrack have music and background noises crackling fire, birdsong, rain and footsteps in their version of Sherlock Holmes’ “Speckled Band”. The speed that you read and the points you reach in the text trigger the chosen sounds/music.

Naturally, this development has delighted some and alarmed others. What do you think?

Here at Thorogood, rest assured we will be in the vanguard of electronic publishing development. Suitable music such as “Money Makes the World Go Round” from “Cabaret” will obviously feature in our Finance titles; Cole Porter’s “You’re the Top” will underpin our Leadership titles; and perhaps Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” will be the background to our Employment Law titles.

“Money” from Pink Floyd , or “Money, Money, Money” from Abba could provide musical inspiration for our Selling a Business titles and The Beatles/George Harrison’s “Taxman” can play-in our Tax Planning titles.

Seriously? No!!! You won’t be getting sound effects on our business ebooks now or in the future! (Well never say never.)

You really would have to be in ‘Dire Straits’ to invest in putting music sound tracks into e-books as you really would be spending your “Money for Nothing”!

Neil Thomas

Posted on 5th October 2011 by Neil Thomas • Permalink

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